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Dormie Workshop Makes a Difference in Your Pro Shop


Dormie Workshop has been reshaping the golf industry since 2014. We understand the challenges of introducing new products to your course membership.

But what is the process actually like?

Fred from the esteemed Calgary Golf and Country Club discovered the immediate impact of Dormie Workshop's products. By introducing our headcovers, Calgary Golf and Country Club experienced an elevated retail price point and their first order sold out in just 3 days. Such success speaks volumes about the elevated experience our products create in your pro shop, helping you forge strong client relationships from day one.

“I was away when they dropped but I am happy to report that the HCs sold out in 3 days! Once I get settled here, I will engage you about doing another, different design of limited
covers.” – Fred.

Streamsong Golf Resort, a renowned destination in Bowling Green, Florida, realized the potential Dormie Workshop offers. Carrying our headcovers, priced at a premium level, enabled them to generate larger profits and enjoy consistent sell-through. It's no wonder our headcovers have become a staple in their pro shop, featuring multiple designs and price points each year.

“...wow, every time I am nervous when we get a big batch of gator headcovers and every time we sell them so quickly. I know they take a minute, so I want to put in a reorder.” “We are flying through the headcovers. Mike told me we were very well represented at your booth at the show. Thank you for that! I’m open to new designs, but also want to get a reorder going...”- Megan Kiley

Public courses like Goat Hill Park, in Oceanside, California, have even discovered the allure of Dormie Workshop's headcovers. Despite their new headcovers being four times the price compared to the average green fee, these headcovers were quick to sell, leaving course manager Zac McSpadden thrilled and eager for reorders. The undeniable demand for our products proves their ability to create excitement and revenue for any club, from private courses to munis.

“Hey, the head covers were so sick, already almost gone. Would love to get another order going asap and maybe see if you could mock up some more designs and switch it up a little bit. Anyway, so stoked on the head covers thanks for everything brotha!”
Zac McSpadden

At Dormie Workshop, we work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs, from design preferences to product delivery. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your players receive an elevated experience, leading to increased engagement and improved perception of your pro shop and course. Ask us today how we can elevate the experience of your members and guests through unique and custom leather work that will turn heads and last a lifetime.



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