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Who we are

Dormie Golf Workshop is a company founded by brothers Jeff and Todd Bishop, members of PGA Canada, who were born and raised in Nova Scotia. Thanks to their passion for golf, they had the opportunity to travel around the world and play in some of the most prestigious courses. After all their experiences, they decided to return to their homeland and create something special for other golfers.

What product do we want to offer you?

That's how Dormie Golf Workshop was born, with the aim of offering unique and personalized golf covers. The company focuses on quality, individuality, and attention to detail, and takes pride in offering handmade leather products of high quality that represent the founders' passion for design and functionality. Dormie Golf Workshop loves working with their customers and allowing them to be part of the creative process. Thanks to their unique approach and dedication to excellence, the company has become a reference for golfers around the world. Dormie Golf Workshop is excited to continue creating innovative and unique products for their customers.

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