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Elevating Artistry Beyond the Fairway: Meet Sting, one of our Master Artisans.


At Dormie Workshop, we believe in the power of diverse creativity, and today, we shine a spotlight on Sting, the maestro behind our bespoke covers.

Sting's Background and Journey to Dormie:
Sting laughs, "My background is a bit complicated. I have 3 different art degrees—one in fashion design, and one in jewelry design from back home in Taiwan, and a visual art design degree with the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Dormie was looking for people to help grow the business, and a mutual friend connected me with Jeff Bishop. That was 7 years ago now."

On Collaboration for a Customer-Centric Designs:
“The important part is telling the customer's story through our designs. For example, if we get a jersey, a jacket, or even an old baseball glove that belonged to your father or grandfather, I try to take the details that remind the client the most of that person and put them front and center. So when they pick up their cover, it serves as a warm reminder of this special person."

Sting’s Leadership Philosophy:
“I first talk to everyone and try to understand their point of view and how they get things done. I integrate that into our design and production practices to find a newer, more efficient way. I have a lot of experience, but I’m not always right, so it’s important to pick everyone's brain and use everyone's input to find the best path forward."

Sting’s Favorite Collections and Covers:
“Each cover is special to me. I’m very proud to say that every cover I make is made with all my love."

On Combining Other Materials with Leather:
"After a while, you learn what materials work best with each kind of leather we use. Then it’s just a matter of finding the best color to match between the leather and the material that is sent to us."

On Creativity in Dormie's Environment:
“I’m very lucky to have the trust of management to have the freedom to create without the fear that ideas will be shot down. They empower us to create whatever we think is best for the vision of the client and gives us the room to make mistakes. Which is an important part of the design and production process, taking failures from past designs and turning them into wins in future products.

Sting’s Inspiration Beyond Golf:
"I take design from a lot of different spaces, like luxury bags and clothes from Gucci or Louis Vuitton, to ensure our products always have an elevated look and feel. Uniqueness is always the goal."

When you order a custom cover from Dormie Workshop, you know that it was made by our skilled Artisans with love and care infused into every fibre. Thank you Sting for bringing the words “Art Fore Golf” to life!



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