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Elevating Artistry Beyond the Fairway: Meet Elliot Creba, our Director of Product Design.


Dormie Workshop is a brand where creativity, passion, and a fresh perspective converge. Today, we spotlight Elliot Creba, the mastermind behind our design ethos.

Elliot's journey began with a design degree from the Nova Scotia School of Art and Design in 2016. That coupled with a rich background as a multidisciplinary artist has prepared him perfectly for his role at Dormie. Not a golfer himself, Elliot's unique advantage lies in drawing inspiration from realms beyond golf, injecting a refreshing approach to our design team. "I don't work 'inside the box' because I never knew there was one," says Elliot.

Evolution to Leadership:
Since joining Dormie in 2017, Elliot's trajectory has been inspiring. Starting in production as an artisan, Elliot swiftly transitioned to the design department and now proudly leads the team as our Director of Product Design. Recognizing the brilliance within our team is what we do here at Dormie. “Identifying talent is only a small piece of the puzzle” says Jeff Bishop Co-Founder of Dormie Workshop, “it's about cultivating an environment where talent becomes a force of innovation. Our unique strength lies in fostering growth—nurturing each member to evolve into leaders.” Jeff goes on to say, “This is what sets Dormie apart, creating a dynamic ecosystem where creativity thrives, ideas flourish, and individuals ascend to positions of influence. Elliot’s journey is a testament to our commitment to fostering talent within our ranks.”

Collaborative Mastery:
In Elliot's world, design is a collaborative journey, not a solitary destination. As the leader of our design department, Elliot orchestrates seamless communication between sales, design, and production. "We're not the final step; we're a vital part of the customer's creative process," affirms Elliot. Drawing from a unique perspective, Elliot ensures every design element is visually stunning and meticulously crafted for production efficiency.

Project Spotlight: Classic Collection:
Among Elliot's creations, the Classic Collection stands out as a personal favourite. It's a testament to Dormie's commitment to quality. "It sets us apart from our competitors, because we only use the best materials." Elliot asserts. Every piece in the Classic Collection is a masterpiece, showcasing the full spectrum of Dormie's capabilities. It's more than a collection; it's a statement—a showcase of craftsmanship that echoes Dormie's commitment to excellence.

Why Dormie? Because Our Designs Speak Louder:
In Elliot's words, "Dormie is where imagination meets craftsmanship, and every cover tells a story." We invite you to explore the stories woven into each meticulously designed cover, a testament to Elliot's thought leadership and Dormie's commitment to pushing boundaries in the world of golf. Thank you Elliot!



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