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Ever wondered why Dormie products stand out? It's all about the materials! Discover the excellence of our newest leather, Saffiano, and explore 'The Regal'.

Creativity is everything at Dormie Workshop— and sourcing the greatest materials is a practice, and a passion. Our customers have come to expect the best in quality and craftsmanship, and you can see this commitment to our products come to life in 'The Regal' from our Fall/Winter 2023 Collection. What makes this particular headcover so unique? It’s the use of Saffiano leather—a material that was once used exclusively for decades by Prada.

Materials Deep Dive: The Regal's Saffiano Leather Mastery

Understanding Saffiano Leather:
- Saffiano leather, originally invented by Mario Prada himself, is an extraordinary material. It undergoes a meticulous process through a specialized stamping machine and the result is a distinct cross-hatch finish, setting it apart in the world of luxury materials. ‘The Regal’ is an example of “letting the leather do the talking and embracing its true elegance”, says Jeff Bishop, Co-Founder of Dormie Workshop.

Scratch Resistance and Durability:
- 'The Regal' is resilient due to the highly scratch-resistant nature of Saffiano leather. This durability ensures longevity and also speaks volumes to the quality infused into every Dormie Workshop creation. “Nobody in golf is using this leather. Its slick look and durable finish give us the opportunity to create a new product in the golf space that perfectly enhances our brand identity.” Says Jeff.

Wax Treatment for Elegance:
- Jeff has always been a lover of high fashion, that’s why the use of Saffiano leather was a no-brainer. A luxurious touch is added to the leather through a wax treatment after the cross-hatch finish. This process enhances its visual appeal, elevating it to the epitome of elegance. “I wanted the materials to have the same look and feel as a luxury handbag, and the wax treated Saffiano leather in ‘The Regal’ sets the standard for luxury golf accessories” Jeff explains.

Explore 'The Regal' and see why Dormie Workshop’s creations with Saffiano leather are some of the more luxurious headcovers in golf.



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