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Hawaiian Swing
Hawaiian Swing
Hawaiian Swing

Hawaiian Swing

$145.00 USD

We’re stoked about the 2023 Hawaiian swing cover. Freshly updated, our first release of the season features bold blue striped background on a navy textured camo base, with a yellow leather applique of the iconic palm trees from Waialae Country Club. Our own original Hawaiian print liner really completes the look and feel.

This cover will upgrade the look of any bag and share positive Hawaiian vibes along the way!


  • Unique leather applique adds recognizable style

  • Designed to fit most modern, oversized driver club heads

  • Form-fitting design keeps cover securely fixed to your club

  • Water and stain resistant properties for durability

  • Cotton/Poly liner for water wicking/quick dry

  • Constructed of 100% quality leather

  • Driver Only

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