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Dormie Workshop Champions Golf's Future on National Golf Day

As the golf community celebrates National Golf Day on Parliament Hill, we here at Dormie Workshop are excited to join the conversation. This year's National Golf Day marks a significant moment, highlighting the economic, social, and health benefits of golf in Canada.

The new Canadian Golf Economic Impact Study done by the National Allied Golf Associations reveals impressive figures: golf contributes $23.2 billion to Canada's GDP and supports 237,000 person-years of employment. With six million Canadians playing golf in 2023, the sport's popularity and impact continue to grow.

During the pandemic, golf became a safe, outdoor activity that thrived, drawing in new players and fostering community. This surge in participation underscores the importance of companies like Dormie Workshop, who offer customized products that resonate with modern golfers. As National Golf Day emphasizes the sport's broad appeal and benefits, Dormie Workshop exemplifies how golf can innovate and inspire.

Dormie Workshop, founded by brothers Jeff and Todd Bishop, embodies the innovation and passion driving golf's resurgence. Known for our handcrafted leather headcovers, Dormie blends creativity and quality, serving hundreds of golf clubs worldwide. Our unique approach aligns perfectly with the evolving golf culture that values personalization and high-quality craftsmanship.

Looking ahead, we’re poised to continue influencing golf's cultural landscape. By hosting events and collaborating with prestigious tournaments like The Masters, Dormie not only promotes golf's aesthetic evolution but also solidifies its role as a leader in the industry. "We're thrilled to be part of golf's exciting future," said Jeff Bishop, co-founder of Dormie Workshop. "Our goal is to mix tradition with innovation, creating gear that really resonates with the new wave of golfers while paying homage to the sport's rich heritage. Seeing the economic impact of golf and being able to employ people through our passion is truly amazing."

As we celebrate golf's impact on Canadian society, Dormie Workshop remains at the forefront, championing both tradition and innovation. Our commitment to quality and creativity ensures that the future of golf is as vibrant and dynamic as ever.

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Dormie Workshop Champions Golf's Future on National Golf Day
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