The Quilted Stamp

The Quilted Stamp

$95.00 USD


This quilted cover provides an elegant look and feel. Often seen in exotic cars, this pattern will step your game up from unknown, to “Who’s that guy”? Make sure your putter is up to the task!

All our putter covers use Moon magnets for easy on/easy off usage. You can hang them from your irons, or cart to help prevent losing it! 

Do you usually toss your cover on the ground when not in use? A simple tap of the putter to a grounded cover will retrieve it without bending over...TOO easy!



  • Unique leather Dormie patch and quilted pattern adds recognizable style
  • Designed to fit most blades/fat backs and center shafted blade putters
  • Form-fitting design keeps cover securely fixed to your club
  • Moon magnet tech closure system
  • Water and stain resistant properties for durability
  • Super soft liner for feel and water wicking/quick dry
  • Constructed of 100% quality leather

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