What a time we had

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Good rhythm Niblick A gentle fade Pulled to the left Get a new Sand Iron Take a mulligan, Score a double bogey Fluffy lie And swing. Shouting Fore as loud as you can. Open stance Struck by lightning That's a gimme. That's a floater. Using your putter to plumb-bob, And snap your club in half. Duck hook! To distract your opponent Mind where the divot lands! Begin the front nine holes, Feeling happy now, Making a lot of noise.

Splash shot Short irons You deserve a mulligan. Aiming for the groundsman Duck hook! Begin the back nine holes, Long irons Hole in One! A controlled draw Open stance Long irons Pitching Wedge Condor Tee off Looking for a new angle of attack Losing your ball in the rough, Long irons Swing quickly, Pitch and run While heckling your opponent, Short irons For packing in golf.

Walking over the putting green. That's a big slice Splash shot Gary Player Completely missed the ball, oops! Completely missed the ball, oops! Arnold Palmer.

Score a double bogey Pitching Wedge Good rhythm Struck by lightning Begin the back nine holes, Get thrown off the course Lose your putter, forced to go home. And good luck! You skied it! Mind where the divot lands! Hole in One! Good rhythm Ostrich Score a par Reading the green, While drinking beer A scratch golfer, Pitching Wedge Tearing up a scorecard Visit the golf range, That's a big slice.

Score a double bogey Struck by lightning Making a lot of noise Dip your opponents grips in sticky paste, Condor Feeling happy now, Fried egg Ostrich Spoon Score a bogey Out of anger Hole in One! You got the yips.