Why the hell would I buy a leather head cover for a club that doesn't work??

Great question, glad you asked!

First it is important to understand the significance of leather. It's one the oldest craft materials known to mankind. It's regarded as a  champion for toughness, waterproofing, durability and feel...just ask William Wallace aka Brave Heart. He chose it because arrows couldn't penetrate it. We chose it because it looks amazing, that's all you really need to know.

First it is important to understand the significance of leather. Its one the oldest craft materials known to mankind.

Assuming you play golf with colleagues and in corporate scenarios where your Boss, or a potential Boss is around you need to be sharp. We suggest you look your absolute best and that includes your clubs not just your shirt or flipping your undies inside out! Strike up a conversation with your Boss over your slick covers, caress them, let them know you love protecting stuff that is important to you. This sends a message of being a trustworthy, loyal potential partner and a PROTECTOR. These babies might even land you your dream job if you play your cards right.

If you have garbage gear and cant afford to buy the latest Titleist clubs, then cover that s--- up with these dope covers. It's like crappy tuner cars that get modified over the span of two or three years. The car first gets a massive muffler to grab attention, a tint job on the windows is second so people cant really see who the annoying person is driving the car. Get the flashy coves and they may not even notice the 82 Lada parked inside.

Or maybe you have great gear already, you just went out and spent $2500 on a new set and see no reason to change covers. Well if being a billboard was part of the deal when you paid for the equipment, how much are they paying you to rep their product?! PGA Tour Pros get paid to have those logos plastered all over them, hell a 1 inch logo on the neck collar can fetch up to $25k++ on the right player. They would much rather be in your shoes and dress in whatever they like, so consider yourself lucky to not be a PGA Touring Professional. Toss the fake sponsor deal that you don't have and be yourself. Express your inner self with something nobody else has because you designed it! That's why everyone loves choppers and hot rods...don't be chopped liver!

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